Adorable Alpacas

24815 Cummings Valley Rd., Tehachapi, CA

We are a boutique, eco conscious Adorable Alpaca ranch that specializes in building elite Alpaca herds and exquisite fiber for spinning and knitting

With some of the best breed lines in America, we have developed our Adorable Alpaca herd to have the most wonderful fiber, confirmation and to be some of the most sociable alpacas anywhere.

Field of Dreams Alpacas

18550 Chalet Drive, Tehachapi, CA

We are a family owned and operated alpaca ranch located in the beautiful Tehachapi Mountains of California -- just 2 short hours from Los Angeles.

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Indian Point Ostrich Ranch

Sasia Rd At Giraudo Rd, Tehachapi, CA

Indian Point Ostrich Ranch visitors enjoy taking tours of the Ostrich Ranch and observing the ostrich in their natural environment. Everyone is captivated by their inquisitive behavior. Tour the ranch and get up close to the largest bird on earth!

Windswept Ranch

Tehachapi-Willow Springs Rd, Tehachapi, CA

Nestled in the foothills of Southern California’s Antelope Valley, Windswept Ranch is home to an unusual collection of gentle creatures ranging from miniature Donkeys, (big ones, too), Horses (all sizes), Camels . . . .Llamas . . . .Alpacas . . . . Sheep . . . . Peacocks . . . . Goats . . . .Zebra . . . .and, ... Reindeer!!

Murray Family Farms

6700 General Beale Road, Bakersfield, CA

Available for Tours (group/school) and private events (parties/weddings). 

Check website for several weekly farmer's market locations, dates and times ranging over several Southern California locations, as well as in Los Vegas.

Seasonal fresh fruits and veggies are available in sequence year-round due to the 178 varieties we grow right here on the farm. Tree fruit, such as peaches, plums, nectarines, apricots, apples, pluots, and many others are picked daily while in season and placed directly from the trees to our store displays.

Murray Family Farms is dedicated to providing the highest quality produce, with superior flavor and nutritional value. Our constant search for the most flavorful varieties means new ground is always being broken.

Tangleweed Farm

21192 Old Town Rd, Tehachapi, CA

Tangleweed Farm is family owned and operated and features organically-grown crops including lettuce, spinach, berries, and flowers in addition to the diverse warm season vegetables and melons available throughout the season.

Grimmway Organic Produce Stand

Bear Valley Rd south of Cumming Valley Rd, Tehachapi, CA

Family owned for over 40 years, Grimmway Farms is committed to growing and delivering the freshest, highest quality produce to your table.

Kolesar's Apples

13500 Highline Rd, Tehachapi, CA

Located across the road from RB Family Orchard, at the corner of Highline and Casey Drive, there are Five varieties of apples at our u-pick orchard.


Apple of the Earth Farms

21850 Highway 202, Tehachapi, CA

A family farm operated in the beautiful Tehachapi Mountains, Apple of the Earth Farm sits on 3 acres of apple orchard.  They also  grow a variety of healthy vegetables, all without the use of pestisides, or chemicals.

Pulford Appletree Orchard

19440 Highline Road, Tehachapi, CA

Pulford's Apple Tree Orchard offers: Apples, apple cider, wreaths, fresh cut Christmas Trees (Noble, Nordman and and Grand Fir) 

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