Skylark North Glider Flight School


16332 Harris Rd.
Tehachapi, CA 93561

Contact Person: Larry and Jane Barrett
Phone: 661-821-5267

Business Hours: Skylark North is open six days a week* offering sailplane rides, instruction, and rentals. * Closed Tuesdays

Skylark North is a full-service glider flight school, located on Mountain Valley Airport in the beautiful Tehachapi valley.

The Skylark North staff's professionalism and concern for safety is known worldwide. In addition to the numerous television shows, movies, and commercials which have been produced at Mountain Valley Airport, Skylark North also has on-going flight training contracts with the US Air Force test Pilot School, the National Test Pilot School, and the US Army Quality Test Directorate, Skylark North also works closely with NASA on various aviation projects.


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